When my friend Shaki told me she booked a “Little Miss Perfect” class for my 10 year old daughter Zahrah and her 8 year old daughter Nusaibah…… I don’t know who was more excited, me or my little princess.

Off I sent her with her camera! “Take pictures of everything so that you don’t forget what you learn!”

When I picked her up later that afternoon, I was too inquisitive to just wait in the car. I popped in to see what it was all about……. EXQUISITE! My princess learnt how to be the perfect hostess!

I was so impressed by the attention to detail!  Even the notes handed out had little sparkly details. (Luckily I had my camera with me and Zahrah took some of these pictures too).


Fatima is the lovely talented lady who hosts these classes for little girls (girls from the age of 5 can attend) She is based in Johannesburg.  She glamorised the event by teaching the girls how to set four gloriously themed tablescapes.

An Alice in Wonderland theme…..  for an English Vintage Tea and Candy Buffet.


A Baroque Glam Girls Get together theme …… for a stylish lunch


Family, another word for Love theme ….  Maybe for an Eid Dinner


And A Glass Slipper theme……  for a subtle wedding table


The girls were given direction on colour palettes, tablecloths, placemats etc. They were also taught how to make their own napkin rings and centre pieces…..  Wow!

Oh wait for this…… Our princesses were taught how to make Mocktails with exotic names like Cherry Sublime, Tropical Beach, Sparkling Mint Dream and Candy Fantasy. You can almost taste the sweetness rolling off the tongue!


The girls even made their own blinged up umbrella stirrers.  Again so much beautiful attention to detail! I just LOVE it!


Most impressive too was the list of new vocabulary given to them in their notes….  Words like embellish, opulent, accentuate, ambience, crimson….. They are now talking like little Diva’s! Adorable!

The girls all left with a gift from their masterful hostess Fatima and they also left with lots of girly excitement of achievement and confidence.  Thank you Fatima and thank you Shaki for booking the class for our princesses. Fatima can be contacted on (011) 8379090 or her cell 0724210398 or email her at fatimavanker@gmail.com  


I can’t wait to book Zahrah for the next round of glamour to make her a “Little Miss Perfect” just a tad bit more.  With future classes named “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “Cinderella’s Ball” and “Cupcake Couture”…… she can’t wait too!