Oh boy! What fun my sister, friends and I are having shaping this function into a reality….. We are basking in all things Arabian.

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Pictures via Pinterest.

We Insha’Allah wish to bring you a day of charm, elegance, excitement and inspiration.

Yes my business is Abayas, and the Abayas do play a huge role in this function….. New arrivals are WOW! The 2013 trends are jaw-dropping gorgeous! The fashion show is going to leave you in awe and that ramp is going to ROCK! (Enough of abayas for now, this is just a teaser)

More about my guest speakers.

Inspiration is certainly going to come from Aalima Zaahira and Tasnim, founders of the Hijab Support Group. They have been invited to capture your hearts as much as they capture mine and inspire me. Read more about this dynamic duo here.

When I asked Zaahira what my guests can expect, this is what she said:

“And say to the believing women”….Surah Noor.

If the above Ayat makes you wonder as to what needs to be said, join us in a session of Hijab Support Group at Nspired’s fashion event. Let’s see what Allah requires from us and appreciate as well as understand the title “Woman” ”

Ladies just by this “teaser”, I already know that I am going to be sitting on the edge of my seat drawing in insight and motivation.


Another guest speaker is Loanda Blewett, she is a senior Ambassador and Image Consultant of International stylist, Chata Romano.

Read more about Loanda here and the Chata Romano brand here.

Loanda will be awakening the style factor, specifically addressing the Muslimah.

Keeping the modesty and beauty of the Muslimah in mind she will be conducting a fun interactive workshop addressing the following:

  • The importance of colour
  • Style solutions for all body types
  • The fundamentals of wardrobe planning
  • How to create 45 outfits from 15 garments
  • Lifestyle dressing
  • Latest trends

Oh my, this is going to be grand! I think I also heard something about mini makeovers…..

How can we have a function without the food! Expect a full lunch of the finest Arabian Cuisine. A teaser….. Arabic ground almond infused chops and Arabic prune chicken all with large portions of delectable accompaniments …. And an Arabic dessert buffet!

This is the function not to be missed, you want to be here to enjoy the day with your friends, sharing in inspiration, laughter and style.  A few additional seats have been made available, pop an email my way at naseema.ayob@gmail.com to reserve your seat.

Get ready for an epic production…. Nspired style…..Arabian style…..

For those who missed the invite. This is for you.

Way too excited and I just can’t wait!

May Allah grant goodness from this event. Ameen.