A perfect synergy between life’s privileges of being a wife, a mother and an entrepreneur is what keeps me motivated, surrounding myself with people who are passionate about life keeps me energized and creativity keeps me inspired.Being a finance graduate and working in the corporate field has strengthened by business acumen and benefitted me in starting my own business. I am extremely passionate about female empowerment and especially home based businesses.

My life’s motto “Surround yourself by people and things that will make you a better YOU”

About the Nspired Style Business

My aphorism “Love your Deen, show it in your dress” and a sister who has been a stylish abaya wearer for years inspired the start of “Nspired Abayas” since 2005. Abayas are sourced by me from various designers and boutiques across the globe and brought to the shores of our beautiful South Africa.

My style choices when selecting abayas gravitates towards elegance and glamour rather than “what’s in fashion”. The typical style chosen reflects a level of sophistication I see my clients portraying. The selection is also for the woman who effortlessly takes the time to look gorgeous.


My fashion motto “Be timelessly elegant”


Much Love




Nspired Style

P.S. I am also proudly South African