Written by Guest Blogger,  Umme Fayaaz

Call me crazy, but I actually love winter.  Coming home to a warm abode on a chilly day is one of life’s great comforts.

 So, let’s embrace winter with these inspiring updates to add style, warmth, elegance and a dash of glamour.

 There’s no need to change everything. Just a few accents can give the room a make-over and prompt the winter season…….

It’s all about creating the mood.

Here are some fantastic inspirational ideas for when the temperature drops.

  • Use elements that add warmth and texture to create a perfect space to snuggle up.  Toss some throws, pillows and bedding that practically calls for bedtime, anytime.
  • From bold to calming.  Find the colours that work for you.  This seasons winter palette is all about berries, plums and pinks.
  • Another quick way to add warmth to the room is to swap sheer curtains for heavy draperies. Inexpensive fabrics such as patterned flannels (a light weight blanket) or felt works wonders to dress up your windows.
  • Embellished designs are a must for a winter wish list.
  • Spray sweet fragrances.  The best thing to use is a fragrance oil warmers or scented candles.  Personally light fragrances work for me.
  • If you have hard floors, lay a plush area rug to warm those toetsies!


Winter doesn’t have to be a time of depressing boredom just because it’s cold outside!  So, Insha-Allah, let’s take the chill right out of the bedroom and appreciate the season for what it is!

Hope this will help warm up your Winter Blues!

Share any tips with us on how to warm our winter days.


Umme Fayaaz

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