I am shamelessly in love with Abayas and the love continuously escalates. You almost get the image of a lady gliding just by the sheer elegance and charm the Abaya characterises.

Here I wish to introduce you to the style of Nspired. This is a blast from the past, older pieces from my collection. Some Abayas may even be from 3 years back! It’s a big thank you to few of my clients who kindly rummaged through their cupboards, selecting their favourite pieces they bought from me.

These abayas are young fresh and playful, ideal for that laid back time out with friends.

I love getting invited to weddings and functions; it’s my time to play dress up! These abayas are for those special occasions.

These abayas are just for toning it down but keeping the style factor in place. I would so do these for a meeting.

Yep, this is my business (read more here)

From this I hope u get a bold glimpse of what Nspired Abayas is all about. Watch this space for sneak peeks of sassy new collections as well as all things inspiringly stylish.

Be inspired