Written by Guest Blogger: Shakerah

Popularly known as Eclairs, Chouxs (pronounced shoes!) is an age-old winner when it comes to high-tea functions, weddings and even a cosy cuppa with your BFF.  While shoes may be a way to most women’s hearts, Chouxs are definitely a way to a man’s! From Savoury to Sweet, there’s just so much you can do with these chouxs! My kids have enjoyed filling them in all sorts of flavours recently, and then typing out labels to add ambience…… A basic recipe: Creamy Choux (éclairs) 1 cup water    1 cup flour ½ cup butter (125g) 3 eggs Bring butter and water boiling point. Lower heat. Add flour all at once. Stir till mixture leaves sides and forms a lump. Transfer to mixing bowl. Allow to cool for at least 15-20 min. Beat in eggs, one at a time on LOW. Pipe/drop teaspoonfuls onto baking sheets, or into mini cupcake pans. Bake at 200`C for 15 min, then lower heat to 150`C and bake for 15min. Turn off oven and allow to crisp, slicing them in half first. NOW go on, have some fun! Whip 500ml Fresh cream stiff, sweetened with 3 Tablespoons Icing sugar. (you can add cream stabilizer) In separate bowls spoon 2 tbsp of fresh cream. Mix in flavours of choice: Liquorice: 2 tsp liquorice milkshake syrup (bought or homemade)   Pistachio: A drop of pistachio essence, some pista powder, and some green colouring.   Passion Fruit: Granadilla Pulp, and some yellow colouring.   Strawberry: 3 tsp strawberry nesquik   Chilli-Choc: 3 tsp chocolate nesquik and a dash of tobasco Tiramisu: 1 tsp coffee (or more) dissolved in a little bit of hot milk. Vanilla: the traditional cream éclairs

Avocado: pureed avocado mixed with cream

Very berry: pureed berries or berry milkshake syrup

Rose: Rose essence, light pink coloring and some cardamom

Choc-mint: 3 tsp hot chocolate and some peppermint essence

Or try these creamless fillings: Vanilla:  vanilla yoghurt mixed with French vanilla Granola , and a drizzling of maple syrup on the top Any ice cream…. Braaied Marshmallows/Nougat

Savoury : Shredded tuna or salmon mixed with salsa(onion, tomato, green chilli, dhania) Cream cheese and chives Mashed avocado with cream cheese, biltong and paprika (perfect for braais)

The list is endless……………. Entice your guests/hosts with vibrant colours and scrumptious tastes………Pile ‘em up or lay ‘em flat……….. Let us know what you whipped up!  

TIP: Eclairs (chouxs) can be baked a day or two in advance, but filled only on the day of use. You may need to crisp them a little before filling them. DECORATE: Endless possibilities …….. a drizzling of chocolate, a dusting of icing sugar, some glitter, fruit, sweets (liquorice, sour worms etc) , choc stix, wafers……..just about anything goes!

Love Shakerah

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I wish to introduce you to my dear friend, Shakerah.  I have spent time in her kitchen only to come out mesmerised and in awe. My taste buds always have an epic feast when I visit her!  Equipped with a degree in B Comm Marketing, having worked in the corporate field, and having a business of her own, Shakerah now lives her passion. She runs Décor and Delight, a culinary school with a difference. She offers insight, useful skills, and confidence for the cooking enthusiast to journey on an adventure of taste – making everyday cooking different.