I am finally around and no amount of gratitude I have for my Creator, my family and my wonderful friends can ever be enough.  For those who have been asking and wondering about the lengthy absence, it has been with good reason.

What a whirlwind of a Ramadaan I had. Starting off with the intention of spending Ramadaan in the way it rightfully deserves (read about that post here), little did I know where I would be spending my time. Indeed Allah is the best of planners.

If anyone had to ask me to leave my business at an all important time, leave my husband and kids and just pack up…. I probably would have said “Are you crazy?!” But my sister suddenly fell gravely ill in the wonderful and blessed city of Medina. Leaving everything behind and going was the only option planned by the Almighty.  I make Shukr to Allah for this wealth of Imaan and Shukr to Allah for making it possible to visit the Holy Cities to be with her.  And what a miracle it has been!

Every step of our journey (I went with my nephew Zubair) was made easy by Allah, from getting those almost impossible visas, from giving me the strength to look after my sister, from spending time in the Holy Lands, from making it possible to perform an Umrah, to overcoming every difficulty. Indeed Allah is ever present and watching over His servants.

Alhamdullilah my sister is on the road to recovery! This post is for all those who have made dua and shared their kindness in word and in presence! And it’s also for those who held the fort with my business and those who saw to my family, I am ever grateful. May your reward be with Allah!

Much love and gratitude!



P.S. Be ready for some cool blog posts. Oh and those who having been asking for the pictures of the fashion show. They will be up soon. Can’t wait to share! It’s good to be back!