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I remember fondly the days of filling samoosas with my late Granny (may Allah swt grant her and all marhooms Jannah), and the tiresome task of having to fill the freezer with every kind of savoury.  As much as this tradition remains with me and I am sure all of you too, I have made adjustments. Having a summer pregnancy 9 yrs ago and the stubbornness to fast was my nspiration to “think out of the box and eat healthy”. And 4 pregnancies and breastfeeding years later, I maintain that this shift has proven the best. Gone are the days of feeling bilious, gone are the days of tummy aches and indigestion, that gassy burp, and that “lethargy”.

With winter not quite on our backs as yet, my craving for citrus hasn’t left me.  Iftaar in a Blitz, is a comprehensive , quick meal – simple yet appetizing for that special guest or your family’s enjoyment.

Accompanied with your basic savoury, this effortless meal offers the burst of energy that citrus fruit promises. Keep in mind that the less variation of savouries on the table, the better the appetite! Taking a small break between the courses also lends towards better eating habits.

Todays Menu: Sweet Kiri Toast, Lemon Whip, Nacho Wrap, Peppered Steak and Chocolate Trifle!

Something Sweet:

Sweet Kiri Toast


Sweet French Toast with Kiri Recipe

6 slices of bread (crust removed)

2 blocks kiri (cut in 6 pieces each)

Flatten bread. Fill with 2 pieces kiri each.

Beat: ½ cup milk, 1 egg, ¼ cup sugar, 1 tablespoon cinnamon.

Dip bread rolls in mixture and fry in butter.

Squeeze orange juice over, drizzle golden syrup and a little chocolate


Something to quench that thirst

Lemon Whip

Lemon Whip Recipe

Liquidize:  1 lemon (cut in 1/4s with skin), 1 cup sugar, and 1 lt water .


Stir in 1.5 lt soft vanilla ice cream (do not liquidize, simply soften ice cream and stir in.


Something Savoury

Nacho Wraps

Nacho Wraps Recipe

½ kg chicken strips – Marinate in: 1 tsp of each ground ginger, red chillies, salt and Mexican spice, 1 egg.

Dip in mayonnaise and coat in crushed dorritos (sweet chilli pepper) .

Bake at 180 (optional: quick shallow fry and then bake)

Homemade or bought wraps, guacamole, tomato chutney, peppadew chutney (avail at Woolies).

Spread guacamole on wrap. Place chicken, then chutneys. Lastly spoon on sour cream. Close wrap

Optional: a sprinkling of cheese or feta cheese. Serve warm with Salsa


Something to fill that tummy

Peppered Steak

Peppered Steak Recipe

1 roll of whole beef fillet (+/- 1 kg)

Marinate in: 1 tbsp of each; green masala,  pepper steak spice, lemon pepper, white pepper, black pepper,  English mustard, whole mustard seeds and whole pepper corns.

 ¼ cup each of: vinegar, mayonnaise, Nandos Pepper sauce, orange juice, garlic sauce.

 1 packet Thick white onion Soup

Cook in garlic, butter and green chillies. When ½ done, add a tin of nestle cream.

Serve with baby red potatoes. Optional (add ½ cup each of fresh cream and sour cream too)


Some comfort for after Taraweeh

Chocolate Almond & Orange Trifle

Chocolate , Almond and OrangeTrifle Recipe

Chocolate Sponge cake – soaked in orange juice

Layer with 500ml Fresh Cream (beaten stiff and sweetened with ½ tin condensed milk, )

And Topped with Oranges (Peeled Orange Segments soaked in a syrup of orange juice, sugar and water)

Lastly Garnished with  a generous amount of flaked almonds!

Optional: Can be frozen in loaf pan , before the topping and turned over just before serving or can all be made in your clear dessert bowl.

Add: ½ tsp almond essence to cream

Add:  Custard mixed with Fanta Orange!

Add: 1 tsp china grass to the orange syrup for a jelly!


So there you have your Iftaar menu in a Blitz

Of course I cannot dispense my mint tea ( ¼ cup mint leaves in your fave tea – also “cools” down the body and aids in decreased menses), Rhutab and Zam Zam!

I do hope  that this is your nspiration to a healthier, simpler Ramadaan!

PS – waiting to hear your Ramadaan ideals as well as your Eid faves. !


About our Guest Blogger

I wish to introduce you to my dear friend, Shakerah.  I have spent time in her kitchen only to come out mesmerised and in awe. My taste buds always have an epic feast when I visit her!  Equipped with a degree in B Comm Marketing, having worked in the corporate field, and having a business of her own, Shakerah now lives her passion. She runs Décor and Delight, a culinary school with a difference. She offers insight, useful skills, and confidence for the cooking enthusiast to journey on an adventure of taste – making everyday cooking different.