I am taking a break….. A complete technology break, which includes no cell phones.  Yay! It is going to be only family time for the next three weeks.

Starting this website and the blog just 6 months ago seems like yesterday. Saying thank you for the overwhelming love and inspiration I found in all my readers is just not enough! Love you all!!!!!

I leave you with some popular posts of the various categories.


The highlight of the year was the launch of this website in grand style!  Read all about it here!


The 5 Abaya misdemeanours made many chuckle. Read about it here.


Sharing Summer lipstick trends under the Beauty and the Fashionista category with you was quite a hit! Read more here.


The “Iftar in a Blitz” (guest blogged by Shakerah) under the Food category was not just for iftar, many of those recipes have become favourites in many homes. My husband who is definitely not the domestic type, lent his hand in the Pepper Steak last Eid, okay he did everything himself (that’s because I was so busy and he needed me to get done so he got his hands “dirty”) It was so easy for him to follow and it was divine! Get the recipes here.


Do you remember the post on “Ramadaan Ready” (guest blogged by Umme Fayaaz) under the Lifestyle category? My friend commented the other day that she still has her Shukr (grateful) Jar well after Ramadaan ended and it is still being used.  We have so much to be grateful for. Read more here.


How many of you just need that stretch of the back! A quick stretch, just to give you that instant comfort and relief. “Watch your Back” (guest blogged by Fehmida) under the Fitness category was another popular post. Read more here.


Please browse through all the other past post too, do leave comments and I will certainly read all when I get back!

Don’t forget ……..Salaah’s don’t go on holidays and our aklaaq should say we are Muslim and proud of it!

Have a fantastic holiday!!!!

Yours in Inspiration