Assalamz my lovely ladies, how have you been?

Could it be almost a year since our last contact on the blog? I told you I was just changing it but a lot of self reflection needed to take place to give myself the go ahead to actually carry on with the blog. Now its time to welcome you to my “new” one.

Blogging again

So, what will I be featuring on the blog? Yes I made a few cosmetic changes but I saw no need to make drastic changes to content. I would like to feature more “abaya fashion”, so get ready for that. The “Style Crushes” were always so popular so I think I will keep that. For the “lifestyle” categories of food, décor, fashion or health,  I haven’t fixed a definite plan but what I love I will share.  There are no rules.

Anyway, those still stuck on my self reflection (I know you were wondering about that) I made a conscious decision to stop blogging, I found for everything I wished to do, I would ask myself “so can I blog that?” and if I couldn’t, I just wouldn’t do it, even if it was something I really enjoyed. The blog was leading me and not me leading the blog. Big mistake!

Family is also a priority which did not get to the front of the queue, blogging and the running of the Nspired Abaya business always seemed to beat it. The home still needs baking, cupboards still need packing and life still happens. I needed to give myself the time to not just say I need to prioritise but actually do it.

Without any pressure I am going to embrace this and see where it takes me.

Finally thank you for your visits to the site.

Much love




P.S. First blog post to follow. Its the abaya taking on the Pantone Colour of the year 2015, Marsala. Cant wait to share! Oh, and if some links don’t work, please be patient with me, some things still need to be updated.