So they say it’s a mix between red and brown but it’s so much more, its subtle, warm and elegant like a delicious ruby pomegranate seed.  It is reminiscent of an old Hollywood glamour lipstick. It beautifully captures the warmth of autumn and will effortlessly glide into winter.

You know pantone’s colours sets the trends for the year, every fashion house, every interior decorator, and every event curator will be using the Marsala trend to wow us. I am seeing this colour everywhere and I love it.  Fashion influencers are embracing this years “It” colour as the new neutral, we seeing it on accessories, embellishments, beauty trends and even home décor.

Inspiration board Marsala


The vibrancy and the rich character of the streets of Johannesburg have embraced it too. Artists have expressed their moods on the walls of Johannesburg suburbs and created a perfect backdrop for the Abaya.

The Abaya is “styling the wall” with its perfect complement of feminine leather edginess and a touch of the Marsala stripes. A perfect combination won’t you say?

Marsala Abaya05 edit


Marsala Abaya07 edit


Marsala Abaya09 edit


Marsala Abaya14 edit


Marsala Abaya22 edit


Marsala Abaya29 edit 2

Marsala Abaya26 edit

Marsala Abaya18 edit

Abaya:  Nspired Abayas,  one size 58 in stock only

Model: Naadira

For enquiries about the abaya please email me on


Some may argue that its rather very dull but let me tell you why this colour works for abaya wearers;  it’s a perfect complement to black, it enhances and enriches.  Just add a little accent like a bracelet or a fur stole for our coming winter and it will make the abaya look rich, now slap on the same lipstick and you have made Marsala work for you.

I always go back to colour advices from Coco Chanel “The best colour in the whole world is one that looks good on you”


Much Love