What can you expect to see this year or see more of this year?

Colour Wise

I’ve got green envy. Colour me pretty with Pantone’s 2013 Colour of the Year – Emerald.

Splash it somewhere! I started my collection with this gorgeous ring from Honey Accessories. You can contact Mooniba from Honey at or 0827795090. The scarf is an old one I bought in Istanbul.

Food Wise

We South Africans just love our boerewors. Why not enjoy it in gourmet style? Expect to see a lot more of gourmet boerewors rolls. Cape Town has a fairly new restaurant called Gourmetboerie and it looks heavenly! Hope they will open a halaal one in Johannesburg soon!

Get Gelato crazy. You won’t be able to resist one more scoop with all the exotic flavours out there. The best part is that it has a much lower fat content than your regular ice-cream.

Who can say no to a cuppa tea? It all about the flavour! We are going to see a lot more of special blends in 2013. For now, if you haven’t yet tried the Five Roses Long Leaf Tea Infusions in 6 individual blends I suggest you try some. Heard its “poetry in a cup”.

Get ready for a popcorn craze. Experimenting with a variety of popcorn flavours is going to be all the rage!  I love this Cookies and Cream flavour. I have also seen Red Velvet, Ginger Nuts, Peanut Butter and Strawberries and Cream flavoured popcorn.


Fitness Wise

When it comes to fitness, I hear the buzz around is “Crossfit”.   It is brutal, it is pushing the limits. The challenge is increased wraps in a time frame!  We are talking lunges, squats, push-ups, deadlifting or even pulling yourself up. Definitely functional, varied and with high intensity! Looks like strong is the new skinny.


Beauty and the Fashionista Wise

For makeup looks expect “Bold and Subtle”. Beautiful thick brows. The 60’s make-up transformation is also expected to make a grand showing.

Do you remember the bomber jacket? Now they are just so much prettier like this one from Loewe. I am not a sneaker girl…. But maybe I might just try a wedge sneaker (this one is by Isabel Marant).  Exotic prints (this one by Vera Wang) is…well just so exotic. Takes you to far off places. Watch out for some Brazilian hype too. They hosting the World Cup next year and that will surely bring a lot of Brazilian prints and freshness.

Be it squares, checkerboards or stripes. I think the graphics are here to dazzle. (This by Marc Jacobs). The celestial white (This by Roberto Cavalli) I just love. Hope to see lots of it. Get into all things oriental. (This by Prada) Be it a fabric print or Kimono sleeves or oriental hair accessories, I think oriental inspiration is so attractive.

Just a few trends. Some we have seen but get ready to see more of it. Some are new and may just catch on….. noboby knows what the future holds, but lets hope its a stylish one!



P.S. For Abaya future trends watch this space!