Who can ever say no to the playfulness of pockets? I deliberately won’t say functionality of pockets because why do we ever carry our handbags, right? Okay maybe it’s easy to hold the cell phone occasionally. But the stylishness of hands in the pocket and strutting….. that runway fantasy moment!

I was always concerned with pockets on an abaya, heaven forbid it looks like a lab coat. How silly of me not to trust the power of an Abaya, ever ready to pick up and transform any trend out there and OWN it.

Enjoy these pics, because we had so much fun taking these at my dear friend Shakiraw’s farm; exploring deep into the African bush. I even convinced her to stand in as model.

Pocket Abaya02 edit

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Abayas: Available at the Nspired studio, Monochrome pocket abaya only size 58 left and Blue abaya sold out prior to the blog post.

Model: Karen and Shakiraw

Location: Ebrahimville Farm (I will soon share bookings of the farm for a family get-together, it’s gorgeous)

Makeup: Taskeen

Taskeen is a makeup artist who worked as a Mac consultant at the Sandton branch. Spending time with her is a laugh a minute, she makes her clients feel at ease and with her gentle and light hands she creates magic. These were such informal quick photo shoots and in no time Taskeen whipped up an edgy look to compliment the playfulness of the pocket abaya.

To make a booking, contact Taskeen on 0713954665 or email her at taskeencassimjee@gmail.com or instagram @taskeen_pPocket Abaya30 edit

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Pocket Abaya22 edit


To playful pockets, let them not be subtle and hidden, let them reign in boldness!

Much love


PS. If you sent me emails in the last week or two, please resend, I seem to have lost some of my Nspired emails in the syncing of new devices.