I have been stocking different Abaya variations to the Cape/Poncho look for the past two seasons.  I know this look is anything but new (it’s actually centuries old) but for me I think it is a style that lends itself so beautifully to an Abaya. I really love this particular style aaaand the cascading print (beautiful!!!)  and with the 2 slits for the arms it just makes a statement. I particular love that it resembles a very feminine retro circled coat.

Cape Abaya4


Cape Abaya9


Cape Abaya6


Cape Abaya5


Cape Abaya10


Cape Abaya12


Cape Abaya 14


Cape Abaya1

Abaya: From Nspired Abayas   (new arrivals, only one size available 58/60, you can whatsapp me on 0829920474 for more details)

Model: Naadira

Why this Abaya will transition beautifully into our South African

winter months:

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  • A slim fit long sleeved dress underneath in a textured fabric will look stunning (even a velvet will add glamour)
  • Team it with a lovely jumpsuit underneath and you will have a beautiful young take on the look
  • Pair it with long boots and sleek long gloves! Wow! Major crush!


Much love