You probably recognise this gorgeous duo from pictures on the website.  They often model for me.  Meet cousins Aadila  ( a B.Com student at Wits) and Farzana (a Corporate Writer at Telkom)

I know Aadila and Farzana from their days before hijab. Always picture beautiful and salon perfect tresses at rehearsals! Don’t know how you all react to someone who starts wearing the hijab or the niqaab, but amongst my friends a frenzy of excitement begins! “Did you hear?”  “MashaAllah” “When did it happen?” and “What made her make the change?”  There is so much excitement; you almost want to throw a party of encouragement and inspiration! So imagine my excitement when I first heard Aadila started wearing the hijab and then Farzana. Two beautiful models now in Hijab. MashaAllah, such inspiration!

Their friends Zainab and Naseema nominated them, and Aadila’s sister Raeesa took these lovely pics.  I absolutely agree their style needs to be shared. Two words to describe their style “Effortless Elegance”



When I asked Farzana what made her start wearing the Hijab, this is what she had to say: ” I always had the intention to wear scarf but kept saying I’ll wait until I’m ready and my favourite line was: “one day”.  Then Aadi started wearing it and that was such an inspiration to me. She carried it off so well and although it was difficult she persevered. She said she realised that there was no good reason to wait and that served as a catalyst for my little epiphany. I realised there would never be an easy time or a point in my life that’s ‘appropriate’.  I still have a long way to go in terms of adjusting my dressing and being strict with my hijab but I figure small steps in the right direction are better than waiting for that elusive moment when I’m finally ‘ready’.”


When I asked Aadila how did her friends and colleagues accept her Hijab, this is what she had to say: “Taking that first step and entering the world with my hijab was quite nerve wrecking and this was mostly because I was anxious about how people would respond to this change.  Fortunately, I found the experience much easier than expected.  Family and friends were all very supportive, and this includes non-Muslim friends. I feel like no one treats me any differently (in any negative sense) to the way they used to before.



More about Aadila and Farzana

  • Aadila is wearing the Hijab since the first half of 2012 and Farzana since September 2012
  • They take their inspiration from the people around them. They both believe everyone has some amazing quality to teach and they use those collectively as their inspiration to be better people, which is the overall purpose for this world. (Well said ladies)
  • On their dressing style: “We have pretty much the same taste but can’t pinpoint one specific style. What we wear depends largely on our moods and the occasion. We like playing with a number of different looks, whether it’s professional for work, bright and bold for the weekend or sleek and polished for a ladies’ night out. Accessories are always a must, though. They can finish off or completely change the look of an outfit. (I most certainly agree with you on accessories)
  • Favourite stores to shop: “We’ll generally buy from a range of stores depending on what catches the eye but our favourites are Cotton On and Mr Price.
  • Farzana never leaves home without her cellphone, labello and bank card and Aadila never leaves home without wearing eyeliner
  • Farzana always has Labello, chocolates and sweets in your handbag and Aadila always has Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream lip balm

This is their advice to those who wish to start wearing hijab

Farzana: Just start. We tend to put these things off for fear of it being too hard but honestly once you start wearing it you see the blatant benefit. People view you differently- with more respect-and of greater importance, you start to respect yourself more.  There will never be a perfect moment to start and difficult situations will always crop up. There’ll always be days when you long to let your hair loose but when you don’t and you’re firm with your hijab, nothing beats that feeling of relief when you realise your Iman is stronger than your nafs.

Aadila: It’s normal to be nervous to take that first step and start wearing so the best thing is to at least try and then take it from there. Even if one doesn’t manage to wear full-time, by trying they can ease themselves into it and InShaaAllah one day they will become comfortable enough to make the hijab permanent.

Aadila and Farzana have such beautiful qualities and they are strong individuals who are intelligent and are sure of themselves! May they be an inspiration to many and may Allah grant them steadfastness!