Meet another talented, warm, friendly and stylish individual, Tasneem.  I received her pics some time ago (sorry Tasneem for the delay)….. After receiving her pics, I have met her on a few occasions and every time she looks stunning, she “owns” her style! The pictures do no justice to the way she carries it off!

Tasneem is a beauty therapist, makeup artist and hijab and personal stylist. She is married with three beautiful kids, and we crushing over her style.

She has just started her own blog, Hayaachic. Check it out here.  Hope we get to see some of her “outfits-of- the-day” posts.

I love how she teamed the mustard dress with the leather jacket, it perfectly compliments the on-trend studs of the jacket. That bag! Wow! How clever is Tasneem to pick up the teal colour from the bag onto her bangles. I love that its not an overkill.

Another cool trend embraced …. statement T-Shirts. (Cool message Tasneem). Don’t you just love those glasses? They scream “Don’t mess with me! I am too intelligent!”  I also like the way she modestly covers her neck to compliment the turban! So who is stealing this adorable look?

Tasneem surely has a way of working with her accessories. She marries the colours so perfectly.

Now this just says playful. Tasneem’s bubbly personality just shines through, not everyone can pull this off.

More on Tasneem.

  • She has been wearing her hijab for the past 7 years; she says that it was the calling to the Holy land (hajj) that inspired her adornment of the hijab.
  • When I asked about her family’s reaction this is what she said: “I remember my husband’s  words so clearly, he said that if there was anybody that I wanted to please, it should be my Lord and that if I do it purely for His pleasure it would make wearing the hijab so much more easier, and Alhamdulillah up to this day my hijab has become part of my existence, my identity and the support that I received from my better half and the rest of my family has definitely made this ‘change’ an easier one.” MashaAllah that she has such wonderful support.
  • On accessories, Tasneem believes the bigger, the bolder the better. The perfect scarves, shoes and belts are a must-have for any outfit. She is currently swooning over blazers, high waisted maxi skirts and chambray shirts.
  • On who or what inspires her: “My biggest source of inspiration comes from the people I interact with on a day to day basis-my family, clients and friends. I have this belief that every person that walks in and out of your life is meant to inspire you through their experiences to make you a better, more appreciative, forgiving and contented person”. How true. Well said Tasneem.
  • Being a beauty therapist I had to ask her for some tips for someone who is sleep deprived or has a rushed lifestyle (okay, these tips are for me). Here are her 3 top tips.
  1. She has an amazing home remedy pick-me-up, but like all products, she advices to please do a patch test first before trying it out on the face. Mix 3 parts baking soda with 1 part water, mix to form a paste and in circular motions rub lightly on the face, avoiding the eye area, rinse and moisturize, the results are the same as having micro-dermabrasion but less abrasive and more natural
  2. As for tired, puffy eyes, she always keep spoons in her freezer and when the puffiness kicks in, she places the back of the spoon on the area under the eye, or if you pressed for time then Eyegene works wonders.
  3. It’s hard getting done on time, but as long as she wears her BB cream, mascara, blush and gloss her face looks complete. This could work for me too.
  • Tasneems advice to those who wish to wear the hijab: “To all the young sisters out there, if you intend to adorn the hijab, do so purely for the pleasure of Allah, for it is Allah who will make it easy for you during times of doubt and difficulty, and I know this might sound so clichéd, but the beauty of a pearl is kept safe by the oyster it’s housed in!!!”

Thanks Tasneem for the stylish inspiration. Your style is so true to your personality.



PS.  If you “crushing” on the style of your sister, your mom, your daughter, your BFF or even yourself please drop an email my way!  We would love to feature you! Inspire us with your So-You Style! You don’t even need to use your real name or show your face (clever photography can hide that beautiful face) Only rule – You must be a modest fashionista or Hijabi or Niqaabi!  I am waiting for you to inspire me!