Ready to indulge in some Cape Town hijab scenes? Meet Saara Jappie-Adams a happily married Textile Designer hailing from our beautiful mother city, Cape Town.  She is also the blogger behind Minimal Exposure inspiring us muslimahs to make hijab fun and fashionable.  You won’t find boring and dowdy on her blog.

What is it about Cape Town that I am so envious about? Maybe it’s because they are so laid back there or the great weather or the two oceans and oh yes that Mountain! They have the right to show-off, Table Mountain has been inaugurated as one of the world’s new seven wonders of nature. Proud but jealous to be living near yet so far.

Cape Town through the lens of Saara. Beautiful!


Enjoy her style while she shares some of her thoughts with us!






I am loving her laid back style.  Please do pop on over to her blog to be inspired by more looks that scream out her personal style! Check it out here.


More about Saara

  • Her inspiration comes from being blessed enough to be surrounded by people who inspire her in different ways. Whether it is the way they treat people, how hardworking they are or how they overcome any hardships in their lives. Alhamdullilah.
  • Although she attended an Islamic High School where Hijab was compulsory, she didn’t really wear it after hours or on weekends. Only during her third year at varsity did she make the decision to start wearing the scarf.  This is what she had to say “It’s a lot harder to look “trendy” or “fashionable” or even just age appropriate when trying to dress modestly. You want to please your Creator yet you also want to look good. Not for others, but for yourself. And when you do find that balance it is a great feeling! I think that if you read up on the Hijab, the wisdom behind and know exactly why you are wearing it, it becomes a lot easier to undertake.”  I absolutely agree, Saara.
  • Her style is a lot more classic than trendy so she tends to purchase clothing that she knows she will get a lot wear out of. Good advice Saara.
  • This is what she had to say about putting her fashion ensembles together “Being comfortable and covered appropriately is key for me. I am also fond of wearing prints, so you will more than often see me wearing mismatched prints than a colour blocked outfit.”
  • Her favourite stores to shop at are Lulu Belle for plain and printed scarves. Sawants in Rylands for square silk scarves. Woolworths, during their summer sale, she once picked up a beautiful bright blue sarong, which she is now using as a scarf. For clothing – Mr Price and Pick ‘n Pay Clothing for everyday basics. During the sales, she heads to Cotton On/Country Road/ Woolworths/Trenery.
  • This is what Saara has to say about the hijab scene in Cape Town. “Oh, it is a beautiful one Masha Allah! There are so many more young woman wearing the hijab, making it their own, expressing themselves, playing around with different styles, proving that it can be stylish and exciting. The hijab doesn’t take away from someone’s beauty… it adds to it
  • Her advice on what not to miss if you a first time visitor to Cape Town: “Fish and Chips at Hout Bay Harbour; A full moon hike up Lion’s Head; Catching a movie at the Galileo Open Cinema in  Kirstenbosch Gardens; spending some time at one of our incredible beaches, Boulders is my favourite.  Camping at Tweede Tol – walking up the river to the waterfalls and jumping into the rock pools is amazing on a hot day; The Biscuit Mill on a Saturday morning and a sunset on Signal Hill” It all sound so inviting.

Saara thank you for sharing and inspiring! Much Love!



PS.  If you “crushing” on the style of your sister, your mom, your daughter, your BFF or even yourself please drop an email my way!  We would love to feature you! Inspire us with your So-You Style! You don’t even need to use your real name or show your face (clever photography can hide that beautiful face) Only rule – You must be a modest fashionista or Hijabi or Niqaabi!  I am waiting for you to inspire me!