As I am getting older (don’t dare ask) I find that I am definitely not fitting into the demographics of glossy magazines and my busy lifestyle rarely allows me to (kid’s rounds, business, home, blogging) but I still want to slip into a sexy pair of heels or slap on a popping colour lipstick!

Nspired’s next style crush shows us how effortlessly we can maintain our über stylish personalities! You can read our previous Style Crushes here.

Today we are crushing over Yasmin Bham, mother of 3 gorgeous kids, aged…. wait for this; you will not believe it ….  14 year old Mohammed, 17 year old Zakiyya and 18 year old Sabeeha!

She surely knows how to rock style and strike that balance between trendy and elegant.

Her daughter Zakiyya sent in these photographs of her.


Is that a mullet dress I see…. Loving the “long and short” of it. So on trend!


Red jackets are always so classic, at the same time it shouts sassy!

Wow a pop of colour with neutrals! I love!


It is so good to see a Yummy Mummy embracing colour.


Don’t you just love the colour blocking with tangerine? Yasmin says her fashion must-haves include silk scarves, sky high heels and statement handbags.


Looking cool! Yasmin’s personal style incorporates fashion trends while still keeping a modest overall look.


I am crushing over that turban! That soft pastel peach adds to Yasmin’s youthful radiance. Her secret to that youthfulness is eating lots of salad and fresh vegetables and drinking lots of water.

More about Yasmin

  • Yasmin has been wearing the hijab for 6 years.
  • She loves to put together her own ensembles with her own flair (no tips or influences from hubby. Lol)
  • Her drive comes from her deep connection with Allah Ta’ala. She says her faith is the fuel that energizes her and drives her towards all the goals she aspires to.
  • When I asked her if she thinks her style influences her daughters, this is what she said: “I think my kids have my keen eye for statement pieces, whether it being a shoe or bag, or how they simply stand out in their selection of any style of clothing. I do find my daughters share the love for hijab, they realize the beauty in the modesty of hijab and the undeniable nur that it portrays on a female
  • Being a regular makeup wearer she stresses on proper skin care, good beauty products, removal of makeup, regular toning and moisturising.
  • Her advice to other moms and to those who wish to adorn the hijab:  The hijab adorns a female with a beauty, unattained by any type of exquisite fashion item available. It’s the individual nur given to a Muslim woman by Allah Ta’ala. Wouldn’t each of you love to portray your personal and beautiful identity every day?  Surely it would please Allah Ta’ala most to look at you this way and your identity will be known to the world on sight, you will stand out above the rest……Muslim woman.

I am always personally honing my style mojo to fit in with my changing life phases, especially post-kids. Yasmin’s style just shows us that it should be fun to embrace our changes, make it work for our personalities and be confident because we are now more sure of ourselves and choices than when we were a few years ago.  Yasmin thank you for the inspiration! To always being dazzling, modest and stylish at the same time! Love it!


PS.  If you “crushing” on the style of your sister, your mom, your daughter, your BFF or even yourself please drop an email my way!  We would love to feature you! Inspire us with your So-You Style! You don’t even need to use your real name or show your face (clever photography can hide that beautiful face) Only rule – U must be a Hijabi or Niqaabi!  I am waiting for you to inspire me!