Not so long ago Nspired introduced you to our First Style Crush (read more about it here)

Today let me introduce you to whimsical  21 year old  Manal Hassen who hails from the Eastern Cape!

I am crushing all over this gorgeous, vibrant and clever dresser.  A niqaabi with swag!

Just  how pretty is this! Her layering of the pearl necklaces just makes the abaya explode with vibrancy!

Just loving that shoe! Rocking the beach front for sure Manal!


She is so clever with her accessorising! Donning that fascinator is just fabulous! The eye make-up really gorgeous too! It all looks so ideally “Put Together”


Killer heels are always a hit! That head band adds that extra extravagance!

Colour popping! Crushing on it! Manal says that her accessory on the head is just an earring she experimented with! …. told you she is a clever dresser!

Manal says this is a look she would wear to a wedding! Head turning for sure! I can almost hear the gasps!

Now you have met Manal. OMW. Wasn’t that all just so beautiful and whimsical!?

To me it almost seems that every day dress-up is an epic adventure….. I just had to ask her….  What in the world does she think of when she opens her cupboard every morning!?  This is what she had to say “Lets see what I can throw together and it all come together depending on my mood!”

More about Manal

  • She is studying teaching and at the same time manages the administration in the family business
  • Themes and colours play an important part in dictating her style, inspiration also comes from different cultures
  • Her favourite accessories are earrings, handbags and shoes!
  • A tip from her… example if you inspired by the 70’s, go all out… make-up and everything else that goes with it… work the look!
  • She is wearing hijab from the age of 8 and the niqaab from the age of 20.
  • Her dream is to locate to Saudi and teach English there.
  • This is her advice on Niqaab: “Be sure you adorning it solely for the pleasure of Allah and always be confident while wearing it

Best of luck for the future Manal, may all your dreams come true!



P.S.  If you “crushing” on the style of your sister, your mom, your daughter, your BFF or even yourself please drop an email my way!  We would love to feature you! Inspire us with your So-You Style! You don’t even need to use your real name or show your face (clever photography can hide that beautiful face) Only rule – U must be a Hijabi or Niqaabi!  I am waiting for you to inspire me!