My sweet table last Eid was all a buzz. The centre of attention was focussed on these divine sweet treats my friend Sadika gifted to me. So many friends wanted to buy them. With a bit of coaxing and encouragement Sadika finally turned her passion into a business. (If anyone knows me, will know I am a huge fan of home industries, it’s the empowerment you enjoy from working from home and living your dream)

These heavenly treats should come with a warning, they are addictive!  I took a few pictures, I just couldn’t wait to put the camera down to start indulging!

Note to me: Diet will start next Monday!

Here is a selection of her Chocolate Ganache Cakes

Be careful, you might just drool over these funky chocolate ganache popsicles, they are so adorable.


My favourites has to be the Red Velvet Cheese Cake. That buttery crunchy crust just does it for me.


The best part of the paisley shaped traditional cheese cake, is the size. Cute as a button, bite sized.


Feast your eyes on the wide variety of Baklava Cups. You have to try the Nutty Nutella one! Yummmmmyyy!


Take a look at  these Almond and Pistachio Burfee Pops! Exquisite!


Just how delicious do these Moc-a-roons look!


Sadika also packages these treats beautifully. They make perfect gifts!

She is based in Johannesburg and you can contact her on her cell 0836453306 to place your orders.

Sweet guilty pleasures indeed!  Now it is time for my intimate party for one…… It’s just me and the cheesecake!