Written by Guest Blogger,  Shakerah

Ward off that cold and nagging flu this winter with our Sweet Potato Thai soup!

Warm and delicious, this soup is packed with all the vitamin C sweet potato, carrots, garlic and ginger have to offer. Enjoy it with a fresh burst of lemon, or add some sparkle with caramelized cumin…….

Ignite the mood with a hint of rosemary, and comfort the home with the aroma of cinnamon and lemongrass, Warm the heart with ginger and chillies –this colorful all encompassing soup has it all! Served as an accompaniment, individually, or as a nightcap, this is a soup you cannot dispense.


What’s more is the ease with which it is made…click here for a full, detailed recipe!

Be advised!!!! These key ingredients are known to aid in warding off cancer, enhancing vision, aiding weight loss, are a source of magnesium and potassium, and much more! Arm yourself with more amazing nutritional facts.


About our Guest Blogger

I wish to introduce you to my dear friend, Shakerah.  I have spent time in her kitchen only to come out mesmerised and in awe. My taste buds always have an epic feast when I visit her!  Equipped with a degree in B Comm Marketing, having worked in the corporate field, and having a business of her own, Shakerah now lives her passion. She runs Décor and Delight, a culinary school with a difference. She offers insight, useful skills, and confidence for the cooking enthusiast to journey on an adventure of taste – making everyday cooking different.