I finally found something with which to substitute my Burkah (especially for my Umrah tawaaf and travels). I am quite tall with long arms;  always having to wear an extra long length Burkah. With the extra length and especially that stretch fabric, it becomes extremely heavy and my hair starts sprouting from the front, does that happen to any of you?

This light cover-UP still keeps me stylish, elegant and less fidgety. Its soft, flowing and it is just plain attractive!!!

Sometimes an abaya style, like a belted abaya or a slim fitting cut, just needs a little more coverage especially for travelling, taalims or even shopping, right? Just throw this over (oh my, that sounded just like an advert)


A Belted Abaya without the cover-Up


coverUp03 edit


coverUp02 edit

The cover-Up


coverUp05 edit


coverUp06 edit


coverUp07 edit


coverUp04 edit


The cover-UPIs available at the Nspired Style Studio (naseema.ayob@gmail.com) or you can contact Fehmida on 0799433428

The Belted AbayaAvailable at Nspired Abayas

Model: Naadira


This is why I think you should get a cover-UP:

  • It gives that extra coverage
  • It is easy to wash and wear
  • It folds compactly and neatly
  • It covers up when  you in that bad yoyo diet phase (this one’s for me)
  • It can be styled up in so many ways, not necessarily only with abayas.

I have 2 in my cupboard already

Much Love