Some breaking news!

If you haven’t already heard, the new soon to be opened stand-alone Ahsan Apparel store will be stocking a limited range of Nspired Abayas!!!!   I am so excited about this collaboration. Watch this space for details!  I will certainly be sharing their store opening with all you lovely ladies.

I have been buying Ahsan’s thobes or kurtas if you want to call it that, for my son as well as my husband, and they just love it. My son calls it the “dapper” one! Aptly named I would say, with its sharp tailoring, swank style and elegant look.

With a growing clientele of men who are confident and care about how they look and with their first brick-and-mortar store opening soon, the future looks bright for the Ahsan Apparel brand.


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Just how gorgeous are these thobes, and just how adorable is the junior range?


You can contact Muhammed to get a hold of the much sought after thobes, that’s if you can’t wait for the opening.

Logo Pantone.indd

New store location: 44 Pine Avenue, Fordsburg

Cell: 0842244786



Facebook: Ahsan

They the ones to keep an eye out for, the Ahsan Apparel brand is making headlines. I foresee a global market wanting a slice of this brand! Can’t wait for their grand opening! Excited!





P.S. Ahsan Apparel will also be at the Nspired Annual Flash sale as part of the lifestyle Pop-Ups for the day. I will share details of the Flash Sale soon.