That time of the year again!  The Nspired Annual Abaya Flash Sale!

I am a huge fan of Game of Thrones. (Can’t wait for season 5) What I love most is the grandeur of the costumes and the opulent settings.  With our South African cold weather around the corner, it was just perfect to set this year’s theme as “Winter is Coming!” I invite you!


I will again be having talented ladies join me with their stylish lifestyle and foodie pop-ups. Watch this space; I will be introducing you to them soon. What a dynamic group of ladies!

You all know that the abaya prices get obscenely reduced, this year is no exception. We have a beautiful range of abayas, some winter pieces, some classics and some pretty glamour pieces too.

Flash Sale Abayas12 edit


Flash Sale Abayas09 edits


Flash Sale Abayas04 edit


Flash Sale Abayas03 edit


Flash Sale Abayas14 edit


Flash Sale Abayas17 edits


Flash Sale Abayas08 edits


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Flash Sale Abayas15 edit


Flash Sale Abayas13 edit


Flash Sale Abayas10 edits


Flash Sale Abayas16 edit

Game on ladies. Hope to see you on the 18th inshaAllah


Much Love