I am no Fashion Police, but there are some abaya styling errors as well as abaya dressing errors we can do away with. They certainly not serious offences, but with a little adjustments the look can go from frumpy and messy to fab and sassy!

Misdemeanour #1

Oh my! When that trouser sticks out from the bottom, it’s just not appealing, heaven forbid it be your pyjama trouser. I have seen that!

Simple Solution: I know most of us wear a trouser or a legging underneath, but make sure your trouser or legging is the same colour as the abaya. Also keep it neat and elegant; try to make sure the trouser is not too long, it shouldn’t sweep the floor.

Misdemeanour #2


Ouch my eyes!  A kaleidoscope of colour all gone wrong. Colour is always fresh and playful but when it is mismatched it’s just not pleasing.

Simple Solution:  If you wish to bring in another colour, try to match it with a colour dominant on the abaya.  For this look, the jersey is all wrong; you could have paired it with a light weight knit in the dominant colour. If you want the coloured scarf, layer an accent band in black to tie the colours together. Personally I like to keep things simple, my colour pop usually comes from a vibrant handbag or shoe.

Misdemeanour #3

Fortunately my model is slim so even though the abaya is small for her she doesn’t look too uncomfortable, but if someone who is slightly overweight would wear this, her every bulge would be accentuated. Too short sleeves make your arms look extra long.

Simple Solution: Always wear the correct size. Wrists should be covered, ankles should be covered and the flow should be free and comfortable. Purchasing an abaya which is also too big can make you look untidy. A fit is very important, find a good tailor who can always help with any adjustments.

Misdemeanour #4


I am pretty sure you don’t want anyone to see your cleavage!

Simple Solution: The many uses of the safety pin! Just make sure you pin it from the inside. Or you could add a little embellishment in the form of a stunning brooch. Clever draping of your scarf could also cover up.

Misdemeanour #5

This has happened to me, I only realised my hair was sticking out when I caught my reflection in a shop window.

Simple Solution: A quick glimpse in the mirror before you rush out will fix this. Be sure to tuck in your hair securely.

So there we have it. Please share with me any other misdemeanours you can think of.

To stepping out in Style!