Its time I get YOU to share your inspirations with ME! From the time I started this website I had an Nspiration page. I will be deleting this page and moving it to an “Nspired by You” category on the blog. Have a look here for previous posts.  This will be a place to pen all things inspirational that you wish to share with Nspired’s readers. It can be a word, a picture, a quotation or even a person who inspires.

We have all met so many wonderful people, we are surrounded by so many strong individuals, we have seen such love and we have heard such moving and inspiring stories. Sometimes a beautiful poem brings a smile to our faces. Sometimes a kind gesture brings renewed faith. Sometimes a beautiful picture brings us calmness. Let’s use this platform to share it. Let’s share the positives and let’s inspire.

All you have to do is email your inspirations to You can do so anonymously too. InshaAllah we can one day publish a book with all these lovely Nspirations.

Today’s Nspiration was written by Dr. Fatima Bhabha. I heard her story at a motivational talk she gave at a fundraiser. Being the month of October and sharing all things pink with the awareness for breast cancer and cancer in general, I thought it would be perfect to start here.

Written by Dr. Fatima Bhabha.


A 28 year old female, a medical doctor, after having being married at a young age of 20  and  divorcing at 23, my focus on life, much to my darling mothers dismay was work and a career and everything, but that which  I should’ve prioritised. All I ever wanted to be was to be a specialist, that was the focus, the be all and end all of my life.

Well into my second year of specialising and studying for my specialist exams, I felt, well a little under the weather and as we all know life in the government sector is everything but rosy. My mum kept saying “Fatima have yourself checked” and I kept arguing with a standard response”Mum I’ve been on a 36 hour shift and I’m studying, I’m tired that’s all.” Eventually the nagging got the better of me … With a medical text book in hand I went to a physicians rooms without an appointment. The doctor eventually did see me, examined me, did some blood tests and my results came back as an iron deficient anaemia, common in young females, I was put on meds and carried on as usual. Mum still persisted “you are not well”.  She eventually took me to a friend of hers, another doctor, who decided to do a CT SCAN of my body…..

And that’s when we found out….

I have CANCER… Colon cancer. NO I’m not a 50 year old male… The common bearers of this disease I’m a 28 year old female….

My life took a whirl wind turn about. I stopped work, went for surgery a week later and started chemo 3 weeks after that.

Angry at the world at myself and at Allah.

Why me? What did I do to deserve this? Have I not endured enough torture and trauma??

I would be lugged to chemo day in and day out and they were the hardest times of my life. Allah hates me!!! I cried, didn’t speak to anyone, pushed the people who cared most for me away.

Eventually one day when I needed it most Allah sent a mastura jamaat to the area I live in and that day as they spoke the penny dropped.  Allah loves me, He has chosen me because I can handle it, He wants to bring me closer to Him, He wants to teach me things I don’t want to learn.

I realised I’m the only person that can help me.  I’ve got  to fight for myself. I’ve got to be positive, negative thoughts take you further from Allah.  Once I realised that, the journey was a pleasant one, hard but bearable.

The cancer in retrospect was the best thing that ever happened to me.  It put my life into perspective. I stopped being so career orientated, realised there’s more to life and no matter what we plan Allah is the ultimate planner. I got married and have a beautiful little baby boy. I’ve changed careers but for the better. Allah had a bigger and better plan for me, I’m the co-founder of Beauty n Curves, an aesthetic medical centre, I run a Cancer Support Group ( ) and try and help as many people as I can.

I’m not safe forever as the threat of recurrence for me is much higher. But knowing Allah is there, if he chooses me he believes I can handle it, his got a plan for me. And I’ve got to want to fight.  I will be fine with Allah and every ones duas  InshaAllah

Yours Sincerely

Dr. Fatima Bhabha