Make your choice ….. Do you enter to the left or the right?


The Monochrome Abaya makes an ironic journey to the Apartheid Museum. I thought of sharing a little of South Africa’s struggle with you and make a play on the “Black and White” of the Abaya.

Enter the museum and you will experience a clean line to divide a nation into black and white and keep them divided. Choose a side and you will see the principle of apartheid – segregate everything! Its an experience! We just did a photo shoot there but I need to make another trip with my kids and share this history with them. South Africa has come a long way.

Now for  some fashion….

Are you all into the monochrome trend?  This trend was made for the Abaya! I love how the black and white brings an Abaya to life.

Enjoy the pictures taken at the Apartheid Museum.






Here is how you can  make the “opposites” work for you, (especially for your abaya):

  • You can make this look happen with any plain Abaya you have in your cupboard
  • If you have an open Abaya, get a skirt or make a cool dress in a monochromed print to wear underneath. Your abaya will just get an instant update with that peeping though.
  • Choose prints like stripes, checks, dots or geometrics; they make the black and white look bolder.
  • Invest in a cute bag. It can be all white too which will look stunning against the black abaya.
  • For arm candy I love a watch with a white strap. Its fresh for summer too.
  • Shades. White rimmed sunglasses shouts summer ready…..bring on the holidays!
  • Glorious shoes. With the monochrome trend so popular, you will be spoilt for choice in most shoe shops.

Have fun stepping out in Black and White