What was the best advice you ever received?

For me it was – “Welcome change, embrace change and make it work for you. If there is no change happening, go out and make it happen. It is – what will keep you motivated, interested and feel alive”

So the decision to give Nspired a facelift was an easy one.


I think change becomes your greatest teacher; it gives you the opportunity to learn and to also create new opportunities. I also believe that by embracing change you ignite growth. This website will be 2 years old soon; it is time that it starts evolving a little with some subtle tweaks.

So this is where you, my dear readers come in. Help me ignite. Guide me as to what changes do you wish to see. Do tell me what you like. What would you like me to add or take away from the blog? My web designer and I are busy with the cosmetic changes I need you to share your thoughts on the contents.

You can comment here or email your thoughts to naseema@nspiredstyle.co.za  Change will inevitably make this blog grow stronger!


Waiting to hear from you