The Nspired studio has been hit with some serious style. The new stock of gorgeous belts and turbans are so popular with my very trendy clients. Today I share some of the looks that can instantly take your abaya from drab to fab.

Belts…..Work it……..

Who says belts are just to hold up your pants. Forget functionality think fashion statement!  Belts are a definite way to accent an outfit, and for me, a decorative way to accent my Abaya.  Just by changing the style of your belt you can go from modern, to vintage or even to glamour. I say work it!

(At my last fashion show we used belts to style most Abayas. The trend took the Abaya up a notch in the style factor. The metal belts were the most popular. Lots of new styles are in stock now)






Turbans…..Work it……..

Everyone is obsessed with turbans at the moment! Some time ago I blogged a tutorial on how to tie a turban…. in proudly African Style. Read it here.

However we all don’t have the luxury of time to tie it perfectly. So much effort, right?  So just get a ready-made one and work it!

These pics are purely fun and editorial; personally I don’t expose my neck when I wear hijab. So for those who also don’t, an alternative is to throw over your sheila. I would move the knot slightly to one side so that the look is more symmetrical. This lends a beautiful frame to your face.


Are you ready to embrace the turbanation and belt sensation? Make it work for you!

Much Love