Every year I have an event showcasing the fab Abaya arrivals for Ramadaan and Eid!  This year Nspired is doing it in “Arabian Style”.  Expect an elegant setting……. lending to a visual feast of Arabian ambiance, the aroma of rich Arabian food, the pleasant intoxicating smell of Oud, the soft exchange of excitement between beautiful Muslimahs….. let the mind and soul be inspired!

I invite you!

This year we wish to spoil you! It’s much more than a fashion show! We are fortunate enough to have a style consultant as well as our very own inspirational Muslimah “celebrities” (they not going to like being called celebrities)  Aalima Zaahira and Tasneem, founders of the Hijab Support Group to inspire!

The stylist, Loanda, is an ambassador and senior style consultant of International Stylist, Chata Ramano, she will be conducting an interactive colour, style and wardrobe workshop aimed at the Muslimah with style! You don’t want to miss this. The best grooming and style investment you can ever make!

Do you recall my interview with the founders of the Hijab Support Group? Take a look here! Listening to Aalima Zaahira and Tasnim will leave you in awe for days and just by sharing in their company, you will walk out a better and more enriched person. I am so excited!

Watch this space I will be blogging more of our guests soon.

Adil of Unusual Functions is co-ordinating the function and he has asked me to warn the ladies to be prepared to be blown away! Your palettes will be mesmerised in the full Arabian lunch and desserts and your eyes will be bewildered in the amazing décor!

The highlight is always the Abaya Fashion Show! For now I am not sharing what to expect this year, but believe me it’s WOW!  Selecting styles and bringing to you breathtaking designs has been inspiring for me! Silhouettes are new, trends are racy and it all has the right factor of elegance and style! The show will reveal all.

Lets do a throwback to last year’s Abayas. Those who were at the show will remember we grouped the Abayas showcasing Romance in Lace, Vintage and Pearls, we had Burst of Colour as well as Colour Blocking the Spikes and Studs were edgy yet elegant there was also Sparkle with the right amount of bling as well as the Classics.  (Read about last years event set in a Winter Wonderland theme here)

Lace on the ramp last year

Vintage on the ramp last year

Pearls on the ramp last year

Bursts of Colour on the ramp last year

Colour Blocking on the ramp last year

Spikes and Studs on the ramp last year

Sparkle on the ramp last year

Classics on the ramp last year

Photographs by Rowena of Secrets and Stilettos.

So you have all worn these looks (I know they all SO last year)……. What’s next you ask? To find out join me on the 29th and lets inspire each other! You can call me on 0829920474 or email naseema@inspiredstyle.co.za to reserve a place for you.


Arabian Style….. I can’t wait!