Why is it that when I see any pastel shades I get this warm comfort feeling and a smile develops ever so naturally? Does that happen to you too?

I think it’s the memories of tugging on huge candyfloss clouds at funfairs or sipping on lime milkshakes at Milky Lane or even helping my Mom decorate soft icy pink cupcakes!

It is all just a nudge of beautiful childhood memories!


Summer 2012 fashion is all Pastel Pretty and I am floating in all its soft glory!

I say yay to the Abaya working the Pastel trend! Here is some inspiration and tips to work those mellow yellows, frosty blues, mint greens or a touch of pinks!

Abaya working the pastel trend


Tips to work the trend!

  • Take soft baby steps. If you not sure about embracing the pastels, start small. Just add a beautiful pastel shoe or only a soft hued handbag will give you that fashion forward edge.
  • Embrace luscious accessories. A statement neck piece or frothy “stack ‘em high” bracelets in soft tones will look beautiful!
  • Don’t overdo it and do mix those pastels. Too much of one colour will be an overkill. You will end up looking like a runny melting ice-cream.
  • A simple blazer can go a long way. Investing in a cute well cut blazer in your favourite pastel hue will be well worth it. It will certainly take your abaya to the next level!
  • YOUR BASE! Yes, a beautiful “black on black” abaya! Update your silhouette with new cuts and styles.


I will try to inspire you to work your plain abaya with new season trends. Pastels are today’s Nspiration, so do watch this space!