Beauties of the golden era like Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn have all sported the turban in lavish style.

Lately it is quite common to see present day celebrities sporting turbans as well.

But for years now, just walking through the streets of Africa you will be witness to the different colours, styles and textures of the bold turban! Across religions and cultures, all with the common thread of the stylish Turban!

The Turban has always been an African Vibe!


I am proudly African and so proudly South African! Obviously taking the Abaya into the wild with the turban proudly taking centre stage is just so natural! (Okay the location is not the “real” wild, but just on the side of a road in Boksburg, Johannesburg where this amazing artist makes the most beautiful steel art. Yes, just the side of a road! You just got to love the randomness of Africa! )

 Abaya from Nspired Style, email me for viewing appointments
Bag from ZARA
Sunglasses Tom Ford


Here is a “heads-up” on how to get this turban tied down!

  1. The blank canvas.
  2. Wear an under hat. You could wear a beanie underneath too. This will provide warmth in winter as well as the added volume needed.
  3. Place your scarf over the head, extending the front slightly. Keep one side shorter.
  4. Take the shorter end across to the back.
  5. Secure it to the back.
  6. You could pin it down and tuck the access under the cap.
  7. Now take the longer end across.
  8. Start wrapping it around your head.
  9. Pin down the ends.  Most Abaya sheilas have beautiful ends which add that extra glamour.
  10. For a more modest look and a look I personally sport because I always prefer to cover up my neck, you could throw over a plain scarf. It just softens the whole look too.

And thats the turban in grand African style!