With the school holidays just about to start I need to get my kids physically active, wait, let me rephrase that, I need to get them excited about physical activity. We are not going to pass another holiday clocking up time in front of the TV. Help! I need some inspiration to pass on to my kids to get them moving.

I turned to Fehmida, Nspired Style’s Go-To Diva for fitness inspiration. Read more about Fehmida here.

Here is an article Fehmida, wrote on “Physical Activity for Kids”

Childhood obesity is becoming a more prevalent phenomenon, with all the TV games, TV shows, computer games and portable games available. We are building a nation of couch potatoes.

The benefits of cardiovascular exercise as discussed in the  previous post are the  same for children. Increased physical activity is associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and an increase life expectancy. (And THE ALMIGHTY knows best)

A 2012 study conducted by the Picard Centre for Child Development suggests that children with high levels of cardiovascular fitness scored up to 5 percent better on standardized tests than their less-fit counterparts. www.education.com


Ways to promote and encourage physical activity

  • Reduce sedentary time i.e.: watching TV, playing computer/TV games.
  • The activities should be fun.
  • Parents need to be role models and provide the opportunities for physical activity

With lovely outdoor weather available take advantage of summer and introduce various cardio exercises to the kids like:

  1. Soccer
  2. Swimming
  3. Tennis
  4. Cycling/Mountain biking
  5. Running
  6. Jump rope
  7. Roller-skates
  8.  Frisbee
  9. Hiking/Walking
  10.  Rowing/Canoeing

If your child must be indoors and you have access to TV games then try to get them to play games such as Wii Sports Playstation Move and Xbox360 Kinect.

Your child’s activity must be fun. Please don’t force or enter into a power struggle, so choose an enjoyable activity. If your child has been inactive for a long period of time and is averse to activity or sport then introduce it slowly. Explain the benefits of exercise to the child including the psychological benefits, use pictures if need be. Also ensure that safety measures are in place e.g.: helmets,knee guards, arm guards, etc. An accident even if small can be very discouraging. Remember that any exercise or sport is a work in progress so be patient bearing in mind that every child is unique and each one’s capabilities differ.

Go on, throw those kids off the couch and out of the house!

Yours in Fitness



Thanks Fehmida, I think I am going to start with frisbee in the park and late afternoon brisk walks around the neighbourhood.