Just picked up my daughters as well as all my little nieces Eid clothes!  These girls couldn’t wait to play dress up!

They are rocking Sibella outfits in grand style!

The Sibella range is designed by Marianne Fassler…..who doesn’t know Marianne Fassler !?  South Africa’s most original, swank, trendy…. (I could go on forever) designer! She is positively the best South African designer! The Sibella range is the inspiration of her granddaughter, Sibella. Her designs are proudly South African with funky prints, eclectic combinations and fantastic fabrics.

What I love most….. Marianne always asks “So, Naseema how modest must I make the outfit?” She is so accommodating to add that little extra length or extra coverage to her ready to wear collections.

How adorable are these designs from Marianne’s runway shows?

Sibella has a stunning ready to wear range aged 12months to 6 years.

Get your girls togged out in an African Beat by calling Marianne on

Tel – 0116468387

Email – marianne@leaopardfrock.co.za

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To little girls all styled up on Eid day!