We all get that “Yes! Love it! Whoopi!” moment. It could be your child’s first step or even the smell of summer rain, the new shoe you bought, the 2 kilo’s you lost, a delivery from your recent online shopping or you might have just seen the most beautiful sunset! You know what I am talking about? Those “feel good” moments that make you go whoopi!

My recent whoopi moments came from these:

My niece visited and brought along these divine toffee apples, they were actually meant for my kids but I devoured all of them. This classic treat covered in deliciously sweet toffee just took me down memory lane! Trust me it is super yummy!!! My surprise came when I heard a lovely young lady by the name of Fatima makes them from home. Yay to home industries! She supplies home stores and local cafes too. Her business is called Toffee Appelicious. Call her on 0114338721 or 0829405040 to get your bite!


You all probably know that finally New York’s iconic skin brand reached South African shores. Kiehl’s is here!  Their first store opened just over a month ago within Edgars in Sandton City. I am swooning over two products in particular! The UV Defense, I was never happy with any facial sun block till now. No more stickiness or white streaks! This super fluid, fast absorbing, ultra light, oil free sun block just does for me. Don’t ever leave home without your layer of sun block! Another product of theirs just gives me that definite glow is the Ultra Facial Cream! Love it! It is so hydrating and easily absorbed and also just perfect for continuous use between whuzu’s! Absolute whoopi moment!


I just couldn’t put down South Africa’s first-ever issue of Conde Nast House& Garden GOURMET magazine! It has everything stylish in it from gorgeous recipes, to table settings to cool kitchen gadgets. Love the ideas on how to make store bought ice cream into irresistible desserts and how to make pasta in a saucepan!


I definitely did not inherit my mom’s green fingers. My garden is a no fuss low maintenance garden! But it was a huge whoopi to see beautiful white iceberg roses in full bloom. (My Mom planted them for me off course) Alhamdullilah, which of Allah’s favours can we deny? Such perfection!

So there you have a few of my recent whoopi moments.  What made you go whoopi recently?