Written by Guest Blogger Umme Fayaaz

23rd September 2012, a bright sunny morning, neither a breeze nor a cloud in the sky. It seems this day has eventually shaken the persistent bitter cold we have been experiencing.

For me the morning brought along a sense of emergency! I had to get out, firstly our summer rainfall in Gauteng, Alhamdullillah, has already started (roof leaks and all), then if I may mention aloud, there are only 6 to 8 weeks left before the final examinations and also a mere 3 ½  months before we hit 2013… far too soon for me. Another reason I wanted to get out is that in between all of this, we have our auspicious Eid-Al-Adhah soon. My, my……

So there was no way I was going to allow this Mashaallah sunny day to slip by!

Got the family and the extended family ready, despite a cry from the men, for I believe there was an ever so important soccer match on! (Bad day Liverpool fans?) Ready or not we packed up and headed off for our first outdoor braai.

As you all aware, the next day was Heritage day, so each family brought along little souvenirs from different locations they visited locally or abroad. Such fun as families related and shared their experiences. Hilarious excitement!

Here I share some of our picnic/braai pictures under the shade of beautiful trees at the Zoo Lake.

Tea Towels from London.

Oven glove from Turkey.

Cute Salt & Pepper Shakers, Porcelain Bowls and Coasters from Turkey too.

Dragon Fly Serviette Rings from our Mother City, Cape Town. (Couple bought these on their honeymoon), Spice Boat from Zanzibar (also bought by another couple on their honeymoon) and the Spice Mill from Turkey.

Flask, Rug and Carrier Bags all from Saudi.

Sweet Dish from Palestine and interesting Coffee Table Book of sacred treasures from the Topkapi museum in Turkey.

And that’s how our picnic rolled!

For just one day, we had a bit of the world with us. All left home with memories revived and new memories made.  Hope you all had a lovely day too.

Love, Umme Fayaaz

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